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The property hereinafter described comprises the real estate and assets hereby described, as well as any other interest therein, and includes all improvements thereof, and also any and all right, title and interest thereunto; provided, however, that the real estate and assets herein-after described, or any other interest therein, shall not, by reason of any covenant or restriction, limitation or condition of this instrument, or the covenant or other limitation contained in the other instruments of the trust, form a part of the real estate and assets herein and are not subject to any easements, rights of way or restrictions to which the real estate and assets herein are subject. All real estate and assets herein described shall vest entirely in either the party hereto or the other party, as the case may be, upon the grant of any part thereof, and shall include all improvements, improvements and rights, whether now existing or hereafter created therein not inconsistent with such deed or other instrument of the trust, and are hereby stopped from being conveyed to any holder or users, nor shall the property hereinafter described or any portion thereof, be used or acquired, or be liable or affected by any use or acquisition whether prior in time or after the grant of the part hereof. The property hereinafter described or any part thereof, shall include such right, title, or interest not inconsistent with the provisions of the deed of trust hereinabove made (except that it shall in the case and on the terms set forth below constitute a limited right of transitory use, which shall be subject to the limitations as provided in the deeds and other instruments), as may be held in trust or otherwise by or by the transferee of the same.
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Later this is Seth and in this video I'm going to take you through the process their warranty deed in a quitclaim deed and if you know anything about deeds those two types of deeds are actually very, very different from each other but in terms of the actual information that has to go into the documents it's fairly similar across both of them creating a deed is actually a fairly simple thing just in terms of what information you have to put in there and how to put it all together so if that's something you're trying to do I just want to show you the basics of how that is done, and I'm going to be showing you on a couple of blank templates that I've used in the past and I will say that these deep templates I'm going to be showing you do not work in all 50 states so don't just take these and start using them wherever you want to a lot of states have different laws and statutes and just details that need to be baked into deeds based on whatever state your property is located in so make sure you're working with the correct templates before you do this is really just showing the process of how to insert the information once you do have the correct deed template to work with, and I should also mention that there are a few states in the U.S. that actually require an attorney's involvement and the preparation of deeds and in closing real estate deals, so before you even do this you may want to just verify that you're not working on a property in one of those states where an attorney's involvement is required in terms of where to get your deed templates there's a couple places I've worked with in the past one of them is US legal, and it's basically just a huge library of deed templates for every state and a bunch of different transfer situations with US legal you can just pay a one-time fee and then download that template and then keep working with it again and again and again in that same state whenever you have that same type of transfer occurring in the future, so that's kind of a nice thing about them is that you just sort of pay once, and you can keep reusing it when that situation applies another site is called a Rocket Lawyer and that's one that I've been using a lot more recently and regular I think makes the process a little easier where there's just like a questionnaire where you answer questions, and it will insert all that information automatically in a state specific deed template for you, and then you can download that and use that in the future if you want there are plenty of other places you can get deed templates as well those are just the two that I've had the most experience with but even aside from all that in this example I'm just going to be showing you in the examples that I use and my state and again just remember these don't work everywhere, so I'm not saying you should use this exact language just make sure you're working with the right template before you decide to put together your own deed before we get into this I just want...
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